Sunday, 26 January 2014

Summer, Salad and Thoughts

With full sun and summer times writing has been less.
Days have been filled with activities; crafting, swimming, reading and relaxing.

Blue Lakes
Research for my Year of Ethically made fashion is taking up time, but in a very good way; the amount of resources is amazing. Patterns and up-cycling ideas has me back on the sewing machine.

I have managed a small dose of studies, assignments over Summer are just not very fun though.

With all this I have been preparing my little boy, Henry for his first year of Primary School. This is more exciting than I thought it would be. So small, yet such a milestone for him. 

All of this has left me making thoughts about the year ahead;

Making : Smocks, purses and pom poms
Cooking : Summer salads
Drinking : Berry smoothies and lots of water
Reading: Americanah- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Wanting: My tomato plants to ripen... so close
Looking: At the clouds
Playing: Cards, Legos, Hide and Seek
Deciding: On business plans
Wishing: Paperwork would sometimes do itself
Enjoying: The summer break
Waiting: For a friend to return from abroad
Liking: The long summer days
Wondering: What install for this year
Loving: My family
Considering: All the options I have
Watching: Elementary- Jonny Lee Miller is brilliant!
Hoping: For fun times with family and friends this year
Marvelling: How strong the community can be (Say NO to the East-West Tunnel)
Needing: More watermelon and mangoes before the summer ends
Smelling: Fresh fruit
Wearing: Loose summery dresses
Following: Pip Lincoln blog, Elephant Journal
Noticing: The small changes CAN count
Feeling: Happy, Nervous, Excited all in one
Admiring: Strong people
Sorting: Through the wardrobe
Buying: Just what is needed
Getting: Excited for seeing The Boss
Bookmarking: Lots of fair trade websites
Disliking: the lack of ethically made runners there are
Opening: The mind to different thought patterns (challenging!!)
Giggling: At Henry's jokes
Feeling: Pretty darn good

In true way of palming it forward I borrowed this template from Pip Lincoln, and though what a great way of cataloging thoughts, why not try it yourself;

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


Backyard Sunset

Monday, 6 January 2014

A Year of Ethical Fashion

As we enter the New Year, I have decided to take part in the Year Of Ethical Fashion. What this involves sourcing clothes ethically. Whether this means fair trade, second hand (op shops/vintage stores) or clothes exchanges.

Society's push for consumerism has often bothered me. Shopping centres make me feel anxious. I'm not perfect and can't deny making a purchase that I wasn't 100% sure of but within the last 10 years I feel i have become more thrifty with my purchases; sourcing op shops, vintage store (buying items that have actually been made to last) or really questioning whether I really need the item.

With the Bangladesh factory collapse last year and more recently Cambodia had a peaceful protest for better working conditions I have decided not to support an industry that takes advantage of people and their born environments.

Excitement about this challenge has had me searching the internet for clothes locally made, sewing patterns and options for more difficult purchases I would prefer not to buy second hand; hosiery, underwear and shoes. I have been overwhelmed with how much choice is out there but also support. Via social media Pip Lincoln, from Meet Me At Mikes, crafter extraodinaire has started a Facebook page where all sorts of people over the globe, yes the globe, this hasn't just been limited to Melbourne, or Australia are posting handy and helpful hints. If you get a chance I recommend checking out the page;

I am most excited that this will have me sewing more, which i always a good thing.

Until next time

Lori xx

Monday, 30 December 2013

A Way of Life

Teachers will always say how interesting it can be that people learn in different ways, for me, I'm a practical type. If it means getting my hands involved I am there.

I love the involvement that takes place, be it through work as a massage therapist and florist, or through life be it sewing, crocheting, cooking, crafting, generally creating and lets not forget playing in the garden.

As I complete clinical hours in a Diploma of Remedial Massage, I have decided to allow the client to set the price. Pay how you feel if you wish. A month in and the response has been meet with some confusion, mainly excitement and also relief that it won't cost a bundle when just in need of a treatment.
My reason for doing this?
Encouraging everyone to see the benefits in a massage treatment, not just for your muscles but for the person as a whole. The honesty of the idea, regardless of what people pay, they feel better about life and this breeds with how they interact with other people they engage with through the rest of the day, week and so on. 50 out of 400 hours down and I am so happy with the feedback and people I have meet so far.