Monday, 30 December 2013

A Way of Life

Teachers will always say how interesting it can be that people learn in different ways, for me, I'm a practical type. If it means getting my hands involved I am there.

I love the involvement that takes place, be it through work as a massage therapist and florist, or through life be it sewing, crocheting, cooking, crafting, generally creating and lets not forget playing in the garden.

As I complete clinical hours in a Diploma of Remedial Massage, I have decided to allow the client to set the price. Pay how you feel if you wish. A month in and the response has been meet with some confusion, mainly excitement and also relief that it won't cost a bundle when just in need of a treatment.
My reason for doing this?
Encouraging everyone to see the benefits in a massage treatment, not just for your muscles but for the person as a whole. The honesty of the idea, regardless of what people pay, they feel better about life and this breeds with how they interact with other people they engage with through the rest of the day, week and so on. 50 out of 400 hours down and I am so happy with the feedback and people I have meet so far.


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