Monday, 6 January 2014

A Year of Ethical Fashion

As we enter the New Year, I have decided to take part in the Year Of Ethical Fashion. What this involves sourcing clothes ethically. Whether this means fair trade, second hand (op shops/vintage stores) or clothes exchanges.

Society's push for consumerism has often bothered me. Shopping centres make me feel anxious. I'm not perfect and can't deny making a purchase that I wasn't 100% sure of but within the last 10 years I feel i have become more thrifty with my purchases; sourcing op shops, vintage store (buying items that have actually been made to last) or really questioning whether I really need the item.

With the Bangladesh factory collapse last year and more recently Cambodia had a peaceful protest for better working conditions I have decided not to support an industry that takes advantage of people and their born environments.

Excitement about this challenge has had me searching the internet for clothes locally made, sewing patterns and options for more difficult purchases I would prefer not to buy second hand; hosiery, underwear and shoes. I have been overwhelmed with how much choice is out there but also support. Via social media Pip Lincoln, from Meet Me At Mikes, crafter extraodinaire has started a Facebook page where all sorts of people over the globe, yes the globe, this hasn't just been limited to Melbourne, or Australia are posting handy and helpful hints. If you get a chance I recommend checking out the page;

I am most excited that this will have me sewing more, which i always a good thing.

Until next time

Lori xx

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